Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Crazy Uncle Joe gets near a mike... again!

Posted by Ellen Karis:
First mistake: They let "Crazy Uncle Joe" speak.

Second mistake: They let Crazy Uncle Joe speak all miked up?

Ah, yes, Crazy Uncle Joe managed to say the F-word to introduce what his boss has been dreaming about since he founded the Saul Alinsky Fan Club back at Columbia.

Way to class up the joint, Unc!

Not only did he use the F-word, but he referred to a monumental change in the lives of 350 million Americans as a "Big F*#^ deal."

It's as if he just figured out how to play Texas hold'em in Atlantic City.

Here’s my suggestion to Uncle Jo: Now that we know global warming is really global cooling, we don't want you to have to brave the cruel DC winter weather so, why don't you pack up the missus and all the trophies you earned from playing high school football and head south to central Florida.

There's a lot of real estate for sale and, who knows, maybe you'll even pick up a great "Big F*#^ deal" in "America's Friendliest Hometown!"

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