Saturday, February 13, 2010

New Blog of the Week?!

Posted by Brian McKim

Welcome Vodkapundit readers and PJTV viewers!

Note to readers:

Be sure to make it a regular thing to watch PJTV Denver correspondent Stephen Green's (aka Vodkapundit's)The Week in Blogs video!  ("The show that pretends to read all the blogs so you can pretend to be informed!")

This week's edition mentions us!  Right there, at #2, New Blog of the Week,!

While plugging our site, Green takes the opportunity to trash my meager Photoshop skills (see my Obama "Sick of me yet?" mock-up below).

Note to Green: Yes, I do need to take a class... And, just between you, me and the WWW, that was done-- quick and dirty-- on MGI's Photosuite and-- drumroll-- Microsoft Paint!  (That's right-- the lowly MS Windows graphics program that comes free with Windows and hasn't evolved since Windows 3.0!)  Oh, I've got Photoshop... and a nifty book on how to use it... now all I need is about 2,000 hours of free time and I'll have this Photoshop thing DOWN!

Oh, and one more tiny thing: There's one more evil genius behind standup comic/writer Jim Mendrinos!

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  1. Steve Green and PJTV is how I found this site. I'm glad I did. This may become one of my favorites blog sites. You guys are great so far.


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